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Musicians unite to sing 'Satu Pula, Satu Suara - One Island, One Voice'

The song ‘Satu Pula, Satu Suara - One Island, One Voice’ is a collaborative effort from some of Indonesia and the world’s top musicians, singers, music industry and media to promote the One Island One Voice campaign.

Composed by Athron, the song was brought to life with a huge line up of talent including members of Superman is Dead, The Hydrant, Navicula, Zat Kimia and many more.

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The song ‘Satu Pulau, Satu Suara’ is a collaborative effort from some of Indonesia and the world’s top musicians, singers, music industry and media to promote through music the ‘Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ initiative; a campaign spearheaded by school students Melati and Isabel Wijsen to eliminate the use of plastic bags on the island of Bali.

Melati and Isabel have spent the last 5 years campaigning to rid Bali of plastic bag usage, educating its people of plastic wastage issues and reducing the epidemic that is affecting its environment, eco-system, wildlife and tourism trade.

Inspired by their vision and persistence, Australian expat and singer-songwriter Athron composed the song ‘Satu Pulau, Satu Suara’ (One island, One Voice) as a gift to promote the campaign through music. With a push from Sophie Digby and the Yak Magazine, Athron began pulling together a huge line up of local talent to bring the song to life in the studio.

An incredible team of creatives gathered, donating their efforts into the production aspect of the project with studio time, engineering and mastering. Erik Est also joined the team, giving the song extra impact with his production of a music video, filming all those involved. At the same time, renowned artists Michael Franti, Ras Muhamad, Endah and Rhesa and Rebecca Reijman were also enthused to join and collaborate on the video.

As instruments and voices were being recorded, Melati and Isabel continued their efforts, speaking at major conferences around the world regarding environmental education, in turn, motivating well known figures such as American actor Adrien Grenier and Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Erik Solheim to also be involved with guest appearances in the video.

The song is available for download with a donation of choice to the ‘Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ foundation.

‘Satu Pulau Satu Suara – One Island One Voice’ Music and Video.
Inspired by Melati and Isabel Wijsen and their ‘Satu Pulau Satu Suara’ campaign.

List of those involved:
Ideated and organized by Sophie Digby, The Yak Magazine and Athron.
Music / lyrics for ‘Satu Pulau Satu Suara – One Island One Voice’ by © Athron.
Produced by Athron
Studio Engineers: Damian Saint, Hugo Marti, Raka Bintara, Deny Surya
Mixed by: Deny Surya
Mastered by: Simon Cotsworth
Video by: Erick Est

Acoustic guitar / Main vocals - Athron
Drums - Deny Surya (Dialog Dini Hari) and Jerinx (Superman is Dead)
Electric Guitar - Dadang (Navicula/ Dialog Dini Hari / A Conscious Coup)
Bass - Adi (The Hydrant)
Keyboard - Iwanouz (Aray Daulay and the Island Souls)
Trumpet – Rio Sidik

Choral Singers:
Robi Navicula
Made J
Dee Dice
Rio Sidik
Astika Candrajaya
Aray Daulay
Leanna Rachel
Sandrayati Fay
Ian Stevenson
Diana Rosa
Melati Wijsen
Isabel Wijsen

Guest Appearances by:
Michael Franti - Musician
Erik Solheim - Director of the United Nations Environment Programme
Adrian Grenier – American actor and environmental activist
Endah and Rhesa - Musicians
Ras Muhamad - Musician
Rebecca Reijman - Musician

Studios who donated recording / rehearsal hours:
Antida Recording Studio
Amps Rehearsal Studios

Food Provided by:
Scratch Restaurant – Bali

Other special thanks to:
Elvira Wijsen
Rudolf Dethu Showbiz
The Yak Magazine
The Beat Magazine
Kayti Denham
Teguh Ananta


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