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One Island One Voice is a Bali based network of organizations active in the field of waste prevention and management. We have a Komitmen for businesses to change their plastic behaviors and provide options for local alternatives.
We host record breaking actions from clean ups to Human Waves.
We are People Power.


Thank you for joining our latest action
8th June 2018

The Human Wave, Take a Stand & Hold My Hand Across five locations in Bali!


Thank you for joining Bali’s BIGGEST Clean-Up
Saturday, 24 February 2018


One Island, One Voice - Satu Pulau, Satu Suara

In 2017 OIOV organised Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean-up. Mobilising 12,000 people across 55 locations to clean-up 40 tons of trash.

In 2018 OIOV expanded its efforts. Clean-ups were organised across the island throughout every region, from our beaches to mountains, through our rivers and jungles.

We're calling on everyone - government, schools, youth, elders, expats and more -  to join us in cleaning up our island together. Problems will not get solved, unless you get involved!


Musicians unite to sing 'Satu Pula, Satu Suara - One Island, One Voice'

The song ‘Satu Pula, Satu Suara - One Island, One Voice’ is a collaborative effort from some of Indonesia and the world’s top musicians, singers, music industry and media to promote the One Island One Voice campaign.